Sasha & Angie Arriving at the UpFronts from @3DoorsFan

Our buddy @3doorsfan was in New York at the UpFronts, and she was nice enough to provide us with the pictures she took of the event. These are great, and we’re so happy she agreed to share them with everyone! Because Doorsy was nice enough to provide these to us, let’s not be bad people to her. Please give her proper credit.

Doorsy said Harmon arrived in this bad boy.

Angie Harmon Upfronts 2013 Car

Regarding the pics of Harmon, she said, “I’m bummed my Angie pics turned out a little on the crappy side (blurry and such) but with all the activity, etc, it was tough to get decent pics!” But we’re still glad she managed to snap the shots she did. :-)

Angie Harmon Upfronts 2013 4     Angie Harmon Upfronts 2013 2

Angie Harmon Upfronts 2013 3

Angie Harmon Upfronts 2013 1

We’re sad that Harmon’s foot is still very much hurt as we’re certain she would have come to see her fans if her body was able to make the distance. We hope she heals up soon!

Regarding Sasha, Doorsy said this:

All of these [pictures] were at Del Posto. Let me just say that I don’t think Sasha was going to come over, but these two girls were so excited to see her and they shouted out to her that they had driven 16 hours to come to NYC to get the chance and I believe she told her entourage to wait just a second. She came over and took pics and signed things for them and I took that last stunning picture. That was when I asked if I could just have  a hug and she said “YES!” very brightly. She is amazing to her fans. Amazing.

Sasha Alexander Upfronts 2013 7     Sasha Alexander Upfronts 2013 3
Sasha Alexander Upfronts 2013 6    Sasha Alexander Upfronts 2013 5

Sasha Alexander Upfronts 2013 1      Sasha Alexander Upfronts 2013 2

Sasha Alexander Upfronts 2013 4     Sasha Alexander Upfronts 2013 8



  1. Love the pictures and they are great and thank you


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