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To be perfectly honest, feet gross us out. Now, don’t get us wrong. We don’t have anything against people who are not grossed out by feet. However, we are, which is why we haven’t said anything about Harmon’s foot issue, but, if you follow her on twitter, then you know she hurt her left foot, had to have x-rays, a foot boot, and some other something because she’s been off work for a week.

We’re not really sure exactly what happened, but we can speculate. Her husband commented on twitter that only his wife could hurt herself this badly while celebrating, which leads us to believe she probably hurt herself while dancing. We feel by now that it’s safe to say we all know she’s likely to break out into dance at random times.

If you want to see pictures of her foot and her foot’s progression to wellness, the links are below. We’re not posting that. Feet ick us out.

Harmon hurts her foot:
Harmon has foot cared for:
Harmon is about to go back to work:

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