Billy Burke, Twilight, and Revolution

For those of you keeping score with what Billy is up to these days, he’s got his own show dubbed “Revolution”. We’ll admit that we have yet to watch it, but it’s gotten good reviews, so we’re considering it.

But that’s not what brought Mr. Burke to our attention today. Even though we know him best for playing the questionable Agent Dean, the world knows him best for playing Bella’s father in the movie series “Twilight”. We found it interesting that, according to an interview he did with, there’s no way at all that he would want or allow (if he had a say) any of the Twilight gang to even do a cameo on his new show.

“It would just be weird if any of those actors showed up on this show,” Burke admits. “I think it would be distracting. I love all of them, every single one of them to death, but to have even a cameo would just take you out of the show. So, my answer is: Sorry guys, I love you all, but none of you.”  (Find more here)

If there’s no cameo for the vampire gang in Billy’s show, we wonder if he’d be up for working with them on other shows he’s on? We have our thoughts on that, but we’re trying to keep our blog PG-13 for the most part.


  1. The show is terrible and the ratings are dropping every week, it should get canceled by the end of the year. Not worth watching.

  2. I actually wish Billy MUCH success with “Revolution”. I figure if he’s doing well with his new show then he is less likely to show up anytime soon as Agent Dean.

    As for the last blog comment: “We have our thoughts on that, but we’re trying to keep our blog PG-13 for the most part” I only have one reply: *snort* ;-)

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