Addressing Lee Thompson Young

Lee Thompson Young Season 3 - Episode Still 2


For those of you still wondering what is going to happen with Frost’s character, that topic will be addressed in the first and second episode of Season 5.

As to how Jan Nash and her team are going to do it? That’s anyone’s guess outside of those who are really in the know. We have no doubt, however, that whatever they do will be done with great respect. That said, we can speculate. Based on the two pictures below, we believe Frost will likely die in the line of duty. As you can see, Jane’s badge has a black band around it, which is typically worn by fellow officers as a sign of respect and morning when one of their own dies.

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JNash Gives Us a Look at S5

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Fangirling For Fun

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Let’s Talk Ratings

Shirt: 7.5/10 based on 15879 ratings. Go here to see this interactive graph made by

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Getting Fit with the R&I Fandom

Getting Fit

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Is Angie Harmon Pregnant?

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Sasha Talks Season 5

Sasha Alexander Season 1 - Promo 4

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Snarker’s Missing Something

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4×16 “You Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone” Recaps and Reviews

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My Thoughts on the Series, the Finale, and the Future

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